Black Nylon Basic Tote Bag
ONE-OF-A-KIND. Just like each billboard is unique, so is every product Rareform creates. Every new product is entirely different from the ones that came before it. Every product is one-of-a-kind. That means when it sells, it's gone! Each has a different print and a different history. Plus, vinyl is naturally durable and a great material to work with. Each item is sewn to create a unique, high-quality, durable product where there's literally nothing like it. Each of the cut pieces are meticulously sewn together using high quality materials to ensure that your bag can endure whatever adventure you take it on. Each item is durable, waterproof, unique, lightweight, vegan and eco-friendly. Features stylish and sophisticated design. Repurposed billboard vinyl material with fully lined with grey nylon pack cloth. Extra wide opening for easy packing with inner zipper pocket for quick access to essentials and dual shoulder straps. Rubber logo details. Height is 15 inches. Width is 22 inches. Depth is 7 inches.
Product Id:148562Brand Style:5cb8f5604808ab4060ef9024
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